How did Hitler become Chancellor in January 1933?

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  • How was Hitler able to become Chancellor in January 1933?
    • the Weimar Republic was weak
      • there had to be a coalition to get laws passed
      • they made bad choices
        • reduced benefits
        • raised taxes
        • cut wages
      • parties were unwilling to unite to defeat the Nazis
      • Article 48 meant that Hindenburg could be given total power in an emergency
        • he was old, an unpopular choice, also hated Hitler
    • Nazi political manoeuvring
      • Hitler teamed up with Franz von Papen
        • von Papen persuades Hindenburg to make Hitler the Chancellor
          • on the condition they will be able to control Hitler
            • they will restrict Nazi members in the Cabinet
            • von Papen will be vice chancellor
    • the Great Depression (1929)
      • Weimar Government cut wages and raised taxes to avoid hyper-inflation
        • this was ineffective and life became hard for Germans
          • many turned to extremism
            • encouraged more powerful propaganda
            • Nazis and Communists gained more support
              • seemed to have all the answers
      • Germany's loans from the USA were recalled
        • industry fell
        • 5.5 million unemployed
    • Nazi tactics were effective
      • created chaos on the streets
        • then blamed Communists
        • sent in the SA to be 'heroes'
      • they were flexible
        • used vague comments in speeches
        • changed unpopular policies
      • Hitler was a strong leader
        • compelled people
        • unique
        • no other party had a leader like him
      • employed skilled leaders
        • ex-WWI soldiers and generals
          • disciplined
          • efficient
          • quick to respond


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