Increasing the Size of a Firm

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    • Market Leadership
    • Number of Outlets
    • Market Positioning
      • Appeal to particular market segments.
        • For example, Yorkie - not for woman.
    • Innovation & Increasing Range
      • Can be in services,or operations.
        • McDonalds have seasonal products such as a monthly McFlurry.
    • Brand Loyalty & Goodwill
      • Customer satisfaction with product.
      • Distribution Units.
    • Security & Survivial
      • Economic state. The recession will have an imapct on how much customers are willing to purchase, therefore how well the firm will generate sales.
      • Lotto have recently increased their price. This allows winning to be higher but increases the value of sales.
        • This allows Lotto to fund for community/ charity projects.
      • Distribution to e-commerce. Cuts costs as less cash is tied up in multiple warehouses or outlets.
        • More convienient and accessable 24/7 to customers.


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