How the Liberals helped children, the elderly, and the unemployed

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  • How the Liberals helped..
    • Children
      • School Meals Act (1906)
        • Gave Authorities the power to give free school meals
        • By 1914, 150,000 children were getting one good meal a day
        • It wasn't compulsory so some children didn't benefit
      • School Medical Service (1907)
        • Gave local authorities the power to issue free medical checks in schools
        • It wasn't  compulsory, some children missed out
      • Children's Act (1908)
        • Gave children a "protected" status
        • Set up children's courts and homes
    • The Elderly
      • Old Age Pensions Act (1909)
        • People over 70 got pensions if they were on low incomes
        • Kept many old people out of the workhouse
        • Refused to people who had never worked in their lives or who were in prison in the last 10 years
        • 1/2 a million qualified
    • Unemployed
      • Labour Exchanges Act (1909)
        • Government run "job centres"
        • People could register and look for work
        • Work available was mainly temporary or part time
        • Government did nothing to increase the amount of jobs available
        • 1 million people employed through the labour exchange from 1914
      • National Insurance Act (1911)
        • Protected poor peoples finances if they lost their jobs die to illness
        • Workers, employers, and the government contributed
        • Safety net to help people through rough times
        • Pay only lasted a limited time
      • National Insurance Act part 2 (1912)
        • Gave the poor unemployment insurance too
        • Unemployment insurance only applied to those in seasonal labour


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