How successful was opposition

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  • How successful was the opposition?
    • The best moment to have removed Hitler was 1933; after 1934 he could not legally be removed.
    • Hitler's policies were actually relatively popular and this made it difficult for the opposition groups to gain support. Most opposition groups were isolated and unable to co-operate
    • The war made opposition harder, but Germany's defeats from 1943 inspired more attempts to remove Hitler
      • Aside from the assassination attempts, the Nazi regime was secure and in the end was only brought down by a vast coalition of enemy powers.
    • Youth
      • Nazi Propaganda was less successful in Universities because most university teachers, whatever their politics, were skeptical of Nazi ideology and perceive its irrelevance to their subject. Historians for example, were reasonably free to write articles for learned periodicals on anything but the most recent history.
      • In reality, very few students attended Nazi schools - in particular they failed to attract many pupils from the professional classes, who continued to send their children to grammar schools and universities.
    • Women
      • With the approaching War, the government was forced to allow women to play a greater role in society, and actually had to encourage it after a vertain point (1937 onwards)
    • Churches
      • Hitlers clear attempt to control and Nazify protestantism aroused much opposition. In September 1933 over 100 pastors created a breakaway movement, which in October 1934 was organised into the confessional church
      • Some of the German Christians' actions, eg requiring pastors to take an oath of loyalty to Hitler, increased public outcry. The attempt to create a more unified, Nazified protestant church had failed - it had now split in three (the official Reich church, the German christians trying to control it and the confessional church)
      • In Bavaria, people still continued to use the traditional greetinf God greet you, as opposed to the offically approved 'Heil Hitler' and Bavarian blue and White flags rather than swastikas were flown on feast days.


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