Successful new deal

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  • How successful was the New Deal?
    • Aims
      • Reduce unemployment and restore prosperity
        • ND created millions of jobs CCC PWA 1933 R became president unemployment 13m 1940 8m
        • 1937 gov started to spend less money on schemes, production fell again and another depression. Unemployment rose 1938 to over 10m
          • Failed to solve unemployment problem
      • Restore stability to America's banking and financial system
        • successfully restored banking crisis due to Emergency Banking Act
        • restored peoples confidence in banks and people began to deposit their money in them once again
      • Give aid to needy
        • FERA provided needy with emergency aid
        • 1935 onwards elements of basic welfare state established
          • Unemployment benefits and pensions introduced and gov intervened to ensure better working conditions and minimum wage
    • Black Americans
      • 200,000 gained benefits from CCC, slum clearance and housing project
      • Many agencies discriminated against black people
      • R failed to pass laws against lynching of blacks - feared Democrat senators in the south wouldn't support him
    • Women
      • Included in CCC cheap labour
      • Local gov tried to avoid paying out social security payments to women by introducing special qualifications and conditions


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