How popular was Nazi Policies

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  • How popular was Nazi Policies
    • Volksgemein-schaft: creating unity in Germany/ participate in national community
    • Propaganda
      • Hitler Myth-represented justice and solved germanys economic miracle. responsible for success
      • Mass Rallies-strengthened commitment to Nazis. Films created to persuade none-attenders to become involved
      • Radio-'spiritual weapon of the totalitarian state'. By 1939 70% owned one
        • worked stopped so all could listen and radio wardens monitored what people listened to.
      • Cinema-effective in keeping support rather than forcing Nazism. Jud Suess symbolised expulsion of Jews.
      • The Press-Third Riech controlled all printing. Nazi ownership 69% in 1939. Public realised the news was controlled.
    • Foreign Policy
      • withdrawal from league of nations.
      • all gains without war until 1939
      • even those who doubted, supported Hitler
    • Assessing popularity
      • By 1935 11 million of women belonged to Nazi women movement
      • By 1938 77% of youth belonged to Nazi Youth
      • by 1938 180,000 workers -strength through joy cruise
    • Economic
      • work creation-building/roads
      • conscription
      • unemployment had fell from8 million to 0.8 million
      • industrial production was above 1928 levels and  incomes improves


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