How Much?

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  • How Much?
    • Isotopes are atoms of the same element with a different no. of neutrons.
    • Percentage of an element in a compound= relative mass/total relative mass x 100
    • A reverible is when the products of the reaction can react to make the reacants again.
    • A food additive is a substance added to extend its shelf life or taste or appearance.
      • The e no.s are codes to identify the additives
        • Eg E102 is the yellow food colouring called tartrazine
    • Paper chromatography is used to indentify food additives.
      • It works as some compounds dissolve better than others. When they are seperated they can be indentified.
    • Modern instrumental techinques provide fast, accurate and sensitive ways of indentifing chemical substances.
    • Gas chromatography can be used to seperate compounds in a mixture.
      • Once seperated they can be indentified using a mass spectrometre
        • This can be used to find the relative modular mass from it molecular ion peak.


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