The car industry during the boom

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  • How important was the car industry in the economic boom
    • The Assembly line
      • Henry Ford had seen how effeciently this system was used in the meat packing factories and slaughterhouses.
      • As a result of this efficiency a great deal of time was saved
      • In 1913 the Ford factory in Detroit was producing one car every three minutes and by 1920 the same amount was being produced in 10 seconds.
    • Advertising
      • Ford was also prepared to use modern advertising techniques to sell his cars.
      • He realised the value of using attractive women in adverts, not only to encourage men to buy his cars but to promote the idea of female drivers.
    • Affordable cars
      • Fords business methods and new technology allowed him to bring down the price of cars which made them more affordable for Americans
      • In 1914 a Model T cost $850. By 1926 the price had dropped to $295.
    • Other benefits of the car industry
      • The car industry used so much steel, wood, petrol, rubber and leather that it provided jobs for more than 5 million Americans
      • The car industry promoted road building and travel which created a knock on effect for the leisure industry.
      • The farmers could now get to the local town in less than half an hour


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