How important is the media in Presidential Elections?

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  • How important is the media to the Presidential Election
    • Television
      • Michelle Obama's guest appearance  on Sesame Street
        • Making the younger generation aware  of politics
      • Political  commercials
        • Started in 1952
          • Republican candiate Dwight Eisenhower created a 30 second biographical spot titled The Man From Abilene
        • Negative
          • The Daisy Girl commercial , prompted the viewers to make a nagative link with Senator Barry Goldwater
          • They can backfire
            • That the use of avn st Willie Horton made Bush look like a racist in 1988
    • 24/7 media
    • Debates
      • CNN Youtube presidential debates 2008
        • Younger audience
          • Wider  audience
        • Involve more votes
          • As debate ratings went down in 2004
      • First presidential debates on September 26th 1960
        • Radio listers said Nixon won dabte
          • Television viewers strongly believed that Kennedy won.
        • Media image began to be scrutinised
    • 2008 saw a  vast increase of media coverage of the election.
    • Social Media
      • 17% of Americans use social media as there way to get news updates
      • JFK first television President
        • Barack Obama first twitter President
          • Obama has 21.5 million  twitter followers
            • Mitt Romney has 1.6 twitter followers
    • Print Media
      • A less frequent method of the media with the younger generation
        • Newspaper  websites  are increasing in popularity
      • In  2008 Obama had 495 endorsements  from publications where as John McCain had 215 endorsements
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