Unit 1: How Humans Threaten Wildlife

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  • How Humans Threaten Wildlife
    • Deliberate Exploitation
      • Food e.g. sharks, dodo
      • Fashion e.g. wild cats, rhino
      • Pets + entertainment e.g. lizards, tigers
      • Furniture + ornaments e.g. coral, mahogany
      • Medicines e.g. tigers, snakes
      • Oils (soap) e.g. whales
    • Deliberate Eradication
      • Species that threaten humans e.g. sharks, snakes
      • Predators that threaten livestock e.g. wolves, lions
      • Agricultural pests e.g. insects, fungi, molluscs
      • Disease risks e.g. mosquitoes
      • Pests in forestry plantations e.g. deer, beavers
      • Wild herbivores that eat crops or are competitors e.g. rabbits, deer
    • Inability to Survive Habitat Aleration
      • Introduced predators e.g.  cane toad
      • Introduced competitors e.g. red/grey squirrels
      • Introduced diseases e.g. bark beetle fungus/elm trees
      • Changes in abiotic factors e.g. agriculture
      • Deforestation + Mining
      • Flooding
      • Urbanisation


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