how hitler became fuhrer

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  • how hitler became FUHRER
    • Reichstag fire
      • 27-feb-1933
      • a communist was blamed
        • helped hitler to imprison many so they cant campaign
        • allowed nazis  to say the country was in danger  from communists during elections
          • this helped nazis win more seats
            • helped hitler to imprison many so they cant campaign
        • no communist leaders convicted this upset hitler
          • so he replaced the courts with the Nazi Peoples Court
    • General elections
      • 288 seats in the riechstag
    • Enabling Act
      • 23-mar-1933
      • Riechsatg voted to give hitler his own right to make laws after intimidation by the SA
      • Hitler had absolute power to make laws
    • Local government
      • 26-April-1933
      • 42 gaus
      • easier for the gestapo to manage the people
    • Trade unions
      • abolished 1933 may 2nd
      • leaders arrested
      • helped Hitler set up the GERMAN LABOUR FRONTS
        • he has control over german workers
      • destroyed potential oppisotion
    • Concordat
      • 20-june-1933
      • hitler sees the pope as someone who will destroy communism
      • allows hitler to have total political power
      • and allows him to ban the catholic zentrum party with out opposition
    • Ban of political parties
      • 14-july-1933
      • one-party-state
    • peoples court
      • 24-april 1934
      • Judges swear an oath of loyalty to the nazis
    • night of the long knives
      • Rohm and 400 SA members murdered by the **
      • 30-june-1934
      • because the SA were demanding to take over the army and the Nazi socilaist ides to be put into action
        • Hitler couldnt afford to upset industrialists or the army
      • showed the world what a tyrant hitler was and removed all the opposition
  • this helped nazis win more seats
    • 19-Aug-1934 :when Hindenburg died and Hitler combined posts of chancellor  and president to be FUHRER


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