How far was President Roosevelt able to solve economic problems of USA by 1941

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  • How far was President Roosevelt able to solve the economic problems of the USA by 1941?
      • AAA
        • FIRST NEW DEAL agency, done to tackle issue of overproduction. Relief and recovery.
        • Goal was to reduce crop surplus and effectively raise values of crops.
        • Stimulated agriculture, benefited larger companies but was to the disadvantage of sharecroppers and small farmers.
      • REA
        • SECOND NEW DEAL, provided low cost loans in order to encourage spreading of electrical power to rural US.
        • Effective!
          • By 1940, 40% of farms had electricity. Roosevelt slowly closing gaps between rural and urban US.
      • After Wall Street Crash reform was needed.
      • Roosevelt successfully stabilised banks and system of credit by the FIRST NEW DEAL.
        • Introduced Banking Act, established various banking reforms and was carefully designed to restore financial constancy.
          • REFORM and REGULATION during Great D
      • Introduced Bank Holiday, fireside chats.
        • Persuaded people to put money back into the banks, helping towards the economy.
      • CCC 1933, public relief program FIRST NEW DEAL.
        • Provided work camps for men aged 18-25, unskilled manual labour related to the conservation and devlopment of natural resources.
        • 2.5 million men participated, providing them with shelter, clothing and food along with a wage $30 a month.
        • After FIRST NEW DEAL unemployment still remained at 11 million.
          • Not brought about economic recovery. Still desperate poverty and inequalities of the past.
      • SECOND NEW DEAL, ERA created the WPA to provide public works for the unemployed.
        • Key agency and administration in regard to New Deal, single largest expenditure in the US Government's history $4.8 billion.
        • 1/4 of unemployed went to WPA, masses of money behind it.
          • Ran for 8 years, employed 8.5 million people
        • Criticised for diverting workers away from private industry, deeming public sectors unnecessary.


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