Similarities between 2010 manifestos of the main parties

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  • How far are the policies of the three main political parties similar?
    • Economy
      • Similarities
        • LD & Lab: continue spending until 2011
        • Con & LD: cut tax credits, reduce tax for earners
        • All: tax on banks
      • Differences
        • LD: £10000 income tax threshhold, £2 million mansion tax
        • Con: Emergency budget within 50 days, £6 bil cuts
        • Lab: 50% tax on earnings over £150,000 a year, no income tax rise, halve budget deficit in 4 years
    • Welfare
      • Similarities
        • Con & LD: scrap ID cards, pupil premium, cut NHS bureaucracy, oppose compulsory education to 18
        • Lab & Con: National Youth Volunteer service
        • All: money for schools with poor pupils
      • Differences
        • Lab: Compulsory education to 18, protect child trust funds and tax credits, protect budgets of front line health education and police services
        • Con: Ring fence NHS and aid budgets, free schools, toughen teaching qualifications, cut child trust funds for middle class
        • LD: more freedom for school heads, scrap all child trust funds, cancel £480 bil prison building programme, rehab not prison for addicts, no ring fencing of NHS cash
    • Foreign Policy
      • Similarities
        • LD & Lab: Pro-EU
        • Lab & Con: Renew Trident
        • All: support mission in Afghanistan
      • Differences
        • LDs: regional cap on non-EU migrants, amnesty for illegal immigrants, scrap trident
        • Lab: immigration points system
        • Con: annual cap on non-EU migrants, critical of EU
    • Politics
      • Similarities
        • Lab & LD: electoral reform, register of lobbyists, fixed term parliaments, votes at 16
        • All: recall of MPs
        • LD & Con: cut number of MPs
      • Differences
        • LD: STV,
        • Con: referendums on local issues, elected police commissioners, no to PR, inquiry on political reform
        • Lab: AV, heathrow 3rd runway
  • LD: £10000 income tax threshhold, £2 million mansion tax


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