How energy insecurity will lead to geopolitical tensions

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  • How energy insecurity will lead to geopolitical tensions
    • USA involvement in the Middle East
      • March 2003 USA and allied forces invaded Iraq (4th largest oil reserves)
        • The leader was considered to pose a threat to the security of Western oil supplies in the Middle East as he was making deals with Russian and Chinese oil companies
      • Before the invasion the USA put pressure on Iraq to admit it had stockpiled weapons of mass destruction or faces military action
      • USA goal in invading Iraq was to reduce its dependence on Saudi Arabia for oil and increase its energy security by introducing a new supplies
      • USA hoped that its involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan would democratize the middle east
      • America is excluded from deals between Russia, China and Iran and is fighting hard to secure oil by means of energy pathways running through friendly countries
    • China vs. India
      • India's demand for energy has grown due to high economic growth rates, lack of energy-efficient technologies, reliance on heavy industry and widespread power stealing
      • In 2005, oil imports accounted for 2/3rds of India's oil consumption and China is seen to be much more energy secure than India.
      • In terms of investment, India is also behind with only $3.5million in overseas exploration compared with China's $40 billion
      • Various policies have been introduced
        • India will have to rely on imported gas and oil in the short term
        • Investing in offshore gas fields in Vietnam
      • India has strained relationships with energy suppliers and the countries that the supplies have to pass through


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