How effective have anti-discrimination policies been?

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  • How effective have anti-discrimination policies been?
    • Strengths and weaknesses
      • Weaknesses
        • Can be daunting- especially if it concerns an employer as individual may be worried about working relationships and costs
        • Indirect discrimination sometimes occurs without the individual realising it.
        • People's prejudices can be difficult to challenge regardless of whether legislation or policies exist to combat it
        • Cases can be complex and establishing whether discrimination has occurred is often open to interpretaion
        • Employers may be careful to hide their discrimination and assert various other reasons for an employee's treatment
      • Strengths
        • Good guidance exists to give examples of how legislation should be applied
        • Substantial case studies that can be used to identify examples of discrimination
        • Send a clear message to public authorities and employers that discrimination will not be tolerated
        • Prosecution, compensation can be sought via tribunals or the court system.
        • Existing legislation changes attitudes and in turn impacts cultural and societal norms
    • Equal rights legislation
      • 2000
        • Forces had to begin analysing their polices and practices to check they were not inherently racist
        • Other organisations had to do the same and broaden the process to ensure against discrimination on the grounds of sex, disability and age
      • 1998
        • Legislation required organisations and public spaces had to ensure disabled access
      • 2006
        • Discrimination on grounds of age is no longer legal
        • State recognises the legal status of same-sex marriages
      • 1970's and 1980's
        • Racial discrimination was strengthened to ensure that provision was made to ensure public bodies were effective in preventing race discrimination
        • Adapted to include discrimination on grounds of sex.


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