Gattaca Essay

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  • "How does Gattaca show that assumptions are often false?"
    • Paragraph on Vincent
      • Assumptions are often false
        • Anton telling him that he outlived his parents
        • "The only way you'll see the inside of a spaceship is if you're cleaning it"
        • Jerome tells Vincent that he can't be him
          • Later admits Vincent was better at being him
      • Swimming races
        • "You know you're going to lose"
      • Physically proves he is just as capable as a valid
    • Second Paragraph
      • Assumptions that valids are always superior
        • Irene (heart murmur) -> physically
        • Dr Lamar's son -> "wasn't all that they promised"
        • Eugene, Anton, Director Josef, The Broker -> Mentally & Emotionally
        • DNA is valued over people
    • Morals & Ethics
      • Niccol shows us that the assumption of the future world being a better place is false
        • Still discrimination
        • Science makes it better
        • Still moral & ethical issues
      • Vincent values winning and proving himself over his own health
    • Assumption that we are our genetic traits
      • Irene resigned to her fate
      • Eugene's fate -> expects to win
      • "There is no gene for human spirit"
      • Dr Lamar shows humour and passion
    • Assumption that science is always right
    • What is Gattaca referring to?
    • Interview Scenes
      • Expression on Vincent's face when he gets the job
      • Urine Sample


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