How does drinking alcohol affect society?

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  • How does alcohol affect society?
    • Drink Driving
      • Death
        • Someone innocent being harmed
      • Getting your license banned
        • Losing your job
          • No money
            • Depression
        • Being forced out of relationships
      • Stops you from getting certain jobs
    • Domestic violence
      • Death
        • People around you get affected
          • Loss of friends and family support
      • Children getting affected
        • The younger generation not getting an education
      • Arrest
    • Street violence
      • Arrest and imprisonment
      • Fights, gangs
      • Could be introduced to harder drugs
      • Makes it difficult to find a job
      • Makes it hard to find a partner
      • You get involved with the wrong group of people
    • Family life
      • Children could get distracted from school
      • Parents could disown you
      • Children might run away
      • Could end in divorce
      • You could be sent to prison if you abuse your children or partner


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