How to avoid risk in sport

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  • How do you avoid risk?
    • Rules
      • Obstruction - you have to stand one metre away
      • Jewellery must be taken off.
      • Hair must be tied up.
      • No contact - as this can cause injury
      • Equipment - different pieces of equipment depending on your height.
    • Protective clothing/Kit
      • Kit
        • Studs (depending on whether depends on the length)
        • Spikes for athletics.
        • No baggy clothing for trampolining so it doesn't restrict movement and reduce injury.
        • Swimsuit (doesn't restrict movement)
      • Protective clothing
        • Gumshield
        • Helmet
        • Goalkeeper gloves
        • Shoulder pads
    • Facilities/ Equipment
      • Scrum floor for trampolining
      • Certain height roof for trampolining
      • Deep pool for diving
      • Protective screen for audience in hockey
      • Crash mats
      • End-decks
      • Appropriate racket length
      • Tennis balls put away
      • Correct size football for age group.
    • Balancing Competition
      • Weight categories
        • Boxing
      • Age Categories
        • Due to lack of/lots of experience
        • Physical Differences
      • Disability
        • Paralympics
      • Gender
        • Men have a higher muscle mass
      • Leagues
        • Dependent of ability, premier league vs. local team
    • Warm-up and cool down


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