How do Plants use Glucose

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  • How do plants use glucose?
    • For Respiration
      • Plants make glucose in their leaves
      • Releases energy
        • Lets them convert rest of glucose into other substances
      • To produce these substances they may need a few minerals from the soil
    • Making Cell Walls
      • Glucose converted into cellulose
        • Especially in rapidly growing plants
    • Making Proteins
      • Glucose combined with Nitrate Ions to make Amino Acids
        • These are then made into proteins
    • Stored in Seeds
      • Glucose turned into Lipids
      • E.g. Sunflower Seeds contain a lot of oil
        • Get cooking oil and margarine from them
    • Stored as Starch
      • Glucose turned into starch and stored in roots, stems and leaves
      • Starch is insoluble, better for storing than glucose
      • Potatoes and Parsnips store a lot of starch underground over the winter
        • A new plant can grow from it in the spring


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