How did the second world war affect American society

The second world war broke out in 1939. Although, the USA did not emter the war untill 1941, from 1939 the USA continued to supply European countires fighting in the war.

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  • How did WW2 effect the USA
    • Women
      • Men between 18 &45 had to go to war, so women had to go to work.
    • Japaneses Americans
      • Japanese Americans were imprisoned during the war in a wave of anti- Japanese feeling. Many lost their homes and businesses and 1000 were transported back to Japan
    • Unemployment
      • By 1945 15 million workers found emplyment
    • Food
      • People were encourages to produce 'Victory Gardens' where they grew their own vegetables. Farmer's produce saw profits increase.
    • Industry


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