USA anti - immigration during 1900's

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  • How did USA control immigration in 1900's?
    • 1917 - Immigration Law required all immigrants to prove they could read English  banned Asian immigrants and charged fee of $8 - (helped economy)
    • 1921 - Emergency Quota act stated the no. of immigrants from the east could not be more 3% of the no. already in 1910.
    • 1924 - Reed-Johnson act made sure the maximum no. of immigrants in any year was 154,000. Also regulated no. coming from southern europe.
    • 1885 - Stops companies employing from overseas to do manual labour.
    • 1891 - Congress establishes the office of superintendent of immigration.
    • Anarchist exclusion act prohibits political anarchists and extremists.
    • 1924 - Border patrol is created to combat smuggling of illegal immigrants


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