How did the Nazis take advantage of the Wall St. Crash?

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  • How did the Nazis take advantage of the Wall St. Crash?
    • Hitler promised to unite Germany and make it strong and rich again.
    • Hitler revived the 'stab in the back' theory.
      • Blamed Jews, communists and politicians for German surrender.
    • He promised to be a strong leader.
    • By 1932, the SA had 600,000 members.
    • Organised parades which impressed Germans who saw order and discipline.
    • The SA were used to intimidate opposition and frequently attacked meetings of rival groups.
    • Posters targeted different audiences an the messages were simple but very clear.
    • Radio was used for the first time and regular broadcasts were made by Hitler and other Nazis.
    • Radios sold cheaply and put in public places to ensure broadcasts weren't missed.
    • Nazis owned 8 newspapers, which had their own character and appealed to people.
    • Parades and marches organised by mobile units to carry out the Nazi message.
      • Smaller scalethan rallies.
    • Organised entertainment and speeches in different areas.
      • Spent days winning over people.
    • Rallies were on a huge scale with thousands of uniformed Nazis parading in ranks.
    • Nazis gave the impression of order and discipline.
    • Hitler gave commanding speeches in front of thousands of spectators.


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