How did the nazis tackle unemployment?

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  • How did the nazis tackle unemployment?
    • They took up and expanded old schemes
      • Before the Nazis came to power the national labour service had been started.
        • This used government tuned money to provide jobs for the unemployed
          • Such as building bridges, roads, forests
      • Hitler was especially keen on the building of the first motorways, Autobahns
    • All men had to spend 6 months in the labour Service at the age of 18
      • they only earned 50p per week
      • All their food and lodgings were provided
      • They wore uniforms and marched to work everyday like  soldiers
      • Most of the work was done by hand, meaning there were more jobs
    • Re-armament
      • 1935 Hitler ordered the building of submarines
        • this went against the treaty of Versailles
      • The army was increased from 100,000 to 1,400,000 by 1939
        • Every man had to do 2 years military service after he left the labour service
    • Many people were removed from the unemployme-nt list
      • Such as Jews, many women, young men in the national labour front.
      • This meant that about 4,000,000 people were now officially 'Employed'
    • By 1936 recorded unemployme-nt was down from 6 million to 1 million
      • by 1938 industry was short of workers
    • Hitler wanted the Germany economy to be self-sufficient so that it would be able to operate even in war


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