How did the Nazis deal with young people?

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  • How did the Nazis deal with young people?
    • Education
      • History
        • Taught about how German army 'stabbed in back' by weak politicians
        • How bad the Jews are and they caused all of the problems
      • Biology
        • Special, Aryan race superior in intelligence and strength
      • Jews banned from teaching in schools/unis
      • Most teachers joined Nazi Teachers Association trained in Nazi methods
    • Hitler Youth and League of German Maidens
      • Marched in exciting parades with loud bands
      • Probably be physically fit
      • Leisure time devoted to Hitler and Nazis
      • Strong cross-country runner and confident at reading maps
      • Children felt slightly alienated by parents as not keep on Nazis
      • Parents expect first loyalty to be parents but it was Hitler
      • Boys: military style uniform, physical exercise, to be soldiers
      • Girls - domestic skills, sewing, to be wives, mothers
    • Did all young people support the Nazis?
      • No other alternatives, made compulsory in 1939


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