Hitler and the nazis

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  • How did the Nazi's control the Germans
    • Workers
      • Carrot
        • 'Beauty of Labour' persuaded employers to improve working conditions in factories
        • 'Strength through Joy' organised leisure time for workers
      • Stick
        • The German Labour Front (DAF)
          • Compulsory for all workers.
          • Put them to work doing manual labour
            • Building motorways, hospitals, etc.
        • Reich Labour Service (RAD
          • All 18-25 year old men had to do 6 months hard, manual labour, which was poorly paid.
    • The Young
      • Hitler Youth
        • Encouraged after 1933
        • Became compulsory after 1939
        • Teens from 10-18 were encouraged to join
        • Hitler wanted to turn the young into loyal Nazis
        • Activities included marching, close combat, courage tests, oaths of loyalty, history about the Nazis, military service and parades
    • Intimidation
      • **
        • Originally Hitlers private bodyguard
        • Run by Himmler
        • 50,000 tall blond blue eyed aryans.
        • Had unlimited power
        • Ran concentration camps
      • Concentration camps
        • Set up by SA and **
        • Opponents of the new regime were questioned, tortured, made to do hard labour and 're-educated'
      • Gestapo
        • Prussian secret police run by Goering
        • June 1936 became state secret police
        • Could strike at any time against ordinary Germans
    • Churches
      • Protestants supported Hitler
        • Hitler united Protestant churches together who became very loyal to Hitler
      • Catholic church signed a concordat with the Nazis
    • Propaganda
      • Mainly tackled by Goebbels
        • Newspapers taken over
        • Films encouraged
          • Nazi ideas presented beforehand
        • Radios run by Nazis and couldn't pick up foreign broadcasts
        • People encouraged to celebrate Nazi festivals


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