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  • How did the Nazi's control German people?
    • Terror Tactics
      • Beating up opponents to silence opposition
      • rounded up and arrested nearly all known political opponents
      • They shot some political opponents or sent them to prison or concentration camps.
      • The schutzstaffal
        • They ran the concentration camps and the secret police force called the gestapo.
          • The Gestapo
            • The gestapo set up a network of informers to spy o the people of Germany
              • Each 30-40 houses had a block warden who checked up on them and reported suspicious behaviour to the **.
    • Women
      • Women were seen as being inferior to men so they were drilled into thinking that they should be submi**ive an obedient towards them
      • Women were told that their place was at home looking after children instead of going out to work.
      • women who  worked as doctors, civil-servants and teachers were all sacked and replaced by men
      • Propaganda showed women at home looking after the children while their husbands were at work
      • Women were told that the more children they had the better, so they could fight for the german army
    • propaganda
      • Propaganda was used to intimidate people into becoming a stereotypical "perfect" German citizen
      • It made people feel as if they had to fight for their country
      • It tried to represent the opposition as monsters
      • It often used intimidating images or words to scare Germans
        • Youth
          • In 1936 it became compulsory for youths to join the Hitler youth
            • If you paid your subscriptions, it meant you didn't have to do any active service but this became impo**ible in 1939
          • the Hitler youth was for 10-18 year olds
          • There were separate organisations for boys ad girls
            • Boys were prepared for military and girls for motherhood
          • They made attending meetings a law after 1938
      • It showed women at home and men in the army suggesting that all families should be like that
      • It tried to make feel guilty if they weren't doing what Hitler wanted eg) "daddy what did you do in the war?")
      • Propaganda was printed onto leaflets , posters and panphlets and pinned up or given out everywhere an to everyone
      • Propaganda was made so you couldn't hide away from what was expected from you
    • Censorship
      • Even telling jokes about hitler beame serious and you could be sent to a concentration camp or even be killed if you were heard.
      • People were becoming expected to report any unusual behaviour
      • The prime mover of censorship was Joseph Goebbels. It was his responsibility for everyone being fed typical Nazi things they wanted to hear and see.
        • Radio, newspapers and media was all controlled by the nazis
      • Censorship meant germans were kept on board with what Hitler wanted from them


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