Yalta Conference Agreements and Disagreements

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  • Yalta Conference
    • Stalin agreed to enter the war against Japan once Germany surrendered.
    • Germany would be divided into four zones; American, French, British and Soviet. Berlin would also be divided into four zones.
    • They would hunt down and punish the war criminals who were responsible for the genocide.
    • When countries were freed from Germany, they would be able to hold free elections and choose the government they wanted.
    • They would join the new United Nations organisation which would aim to keep peace after the war
    • Due to the amount of Soviet people killed, Eastern Europe would be seen as a 'Soviet sphere of influence'.
    • Stalin wanted to move the USSR border into Poland, but Churchill and Roosevelt were not happy but agreed to allow it as long as Stalin agreed not to take over Greece.




thankyou this info is reeli useful



I love history but hate my teacher because despite her occupation she can't teach, I never understand what she is trying to say and then she suddenly springs 12 and 16 mark questions expecting us to understand the structure and all that stuff, I found this really helpful, so thank you x

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