How did Hitler move from Chancellor to Fuhrer?

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  • How did Hitler move from Chancellor to Fuhrer?
    • Enabling Act 24 March 1933
      • A law giving Hitler the power to make laws in Germany without going through the Reichstag for the next 4 years.
      • Laws could go against the constitution.
    • Trade Unions
      • Trade Unions wee banned and the state took charge of the working class.
      • May 2nd 1933, police occupied all union HQs and leaders were arrested.
      • Funds which belonged to Trade Unions were confiscated.
    • Dealing With Opposing Parties
      • Hitler ordered for all political parties, other than the Nazis, to be banned.
      • Germany was now a one party state, it destroyed the democracy.
      • Hitler could not be got rid of.
      • In an election, the Nazis would gain complete control.
    • Ensuring Germans knew who was in charge
      • Germany was set up into 42 Gaus, run by a Gauleiter.
      • Gaus were separated into areas, localities and blocks of flats run by a Blockleiter.
      • Hitler set up the Gestapo, the secret police, under the control of Himmler.
    • The Night Of the Long Knives 30th June 1934
      • 200 senior SA officers were arrested onto their way to Wiesse, Bavaria.
      • Rohm was shot by 2 ** men after refusing to commit suicide.
      • Concentration Camps were set up for prisoners.
    • Hitler made himself Fuhrer 2nd August 1934
      • Weeks after the Night of Long Knives, Hindenburg died.
      • Hitler declared himself President within hours.
      • He was Head of State and Commander of the army.
      • Every soldier had to swear an oath of loyalty to Hitler.


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