How did Hitler get the majority in 1933?

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  • How did Hitler get the majority in 1933?
    • 4th February - Hitler persuaded Hindenburg to use Article 48 to pass a law saying that the police had to be told about all election meetings.
    • If the police knew when and where election meetings were happening, the Nazis could get the information and ensure the meetings were broken up.
    • 17th February - Hitler's henchman Goering controlled the police in Prussia.
    • He gave them instructions to break up communist meeting and punish them with 'all severity'.
    • 22nd February - Goering appoints members of the SA as special police officers.
    • This gave them the authority to not only arrest people but beat them up too.
    • As other parties weren't able to host meetings to gain popularity, people voted for those they knew about.
    • The Nazis gained votes as they were the only party hosting election meetings.
    • People may vote for their favourite party or one they already know a lot about.


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