How did Hitler change Germany from a democracy to a Nazi dictatorship, 1933-34?

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  • How did Hitler change Germany from a democracy to a Nazi dictatorship?
    • Reichstag Fire, February 1933
      • Neutralised the Communist Party
        • Blamed them for he fire
        • Stopped them campaigning, many arrested
      • Increases Nazi representation in the Reichstag
    • Enabling Act, 1933
      • He needed 2/3 majority to change the Constitution
      • Nazis and Nationalists working together
      • Other parties voted for the Enabling Act, except SPD (Social Democrats)
    • Already Chancellor
      • Influence over the Reichstag
      • People sick of changes of government
      • The elite politicians think they can control Hitler, they underestimate him
      • Better access to machinery of propaganda: state funds, election boradcasts
      • Control of the regular police force, backed up by the Brownshirts
    • Making all institutions pro-Nazi
      • School system
      • Legal system
      • Got rid of trade unions
      • Gleichshaltung - bringing everything togehter
      • Threat from the Brownshirts & Ernst Rohm
        • The Night of the Long Knives
      • Youth movements
      • The Churches
    • Propaganda
      • 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin
      • Film & cinema
      • Marches and rallies
      • Goebbels
    • Censorship
      • Radio
      • State-controlled press
      • Cinema
      • Book burning, May 1933
  • Why didn't President Hindenburg stop Hitler?
    • He was able to because...
      • He appointed the Chancellor
      • He has emergency powers
    • He underestimates Hitler
    • He is right wing in outlook
    • He is very old and ill
  • Why didn't the army stop Hitler?
    • Most officers were right wing
    • They want a strong Germany
    • They want the army rebuilt, as Hitler promised


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