How data errors can occur

topic 4, validation and verification :D

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  • How data errors occur
    • Problems with inaccurate data
      • incorrect decisions being made resulting in loss of money
      • goods being sent to the wrong address
      • having to spend time sorting out mistakes
      • loss of goodwill and trust
      • being prosecuted under the Data Protection Act 1998 for not keeping the data accurate
    • How errors  can occur during transcription
      • Transcription errors are mistakes humans make when either keying in data or filling in forms such as optical mark forms
      • Often they  occur through carelessness and are not picked up by verification methods such as proof reading
      • Transcription is the process of copying data from a source document such as an order form or an application form
    • How errors can occur during input
      • Input data  even though it has been verified and validated, can still be incorrect
      • Incorrect data can occur in a variety of different ways and it is usually  has any human involvement at any stage of the input
      • Keyboard Errors
      • Optical Mark Reconition
      • Bar Code Readers
    • How errors can occur during processing
      • Programming error that remained undiscovered during testing.
        • The use of the wrong version of a data file rather than the latest version
          • Incorrect formulas in spreadsheet that were not detected and corrected during testing
            • Damage by viruses - viruses are able to delete data or otherwise render it unreadable
              • Malfunction - hard disk drives are like any mechanical device in that they break down occasionally


Mr A Gibson


This provides an in depth level of information about reasons for data errors. It also goes beyond this and talks about consequences. A good reference guide with points that will get you to Level 3 answers in longer questions because of the level of detail.

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