How Christians make moral decisions.

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  • How christians make moral decisions.
    • Bible
      • Contains God's teachings
      • The word of God
      • Jesus' teachings. Jesus is God's son.
      • Letters from the leading disciples who were guided by the holy spirit.
    • Don't use the bible.
      • Written by humans inspired by God.
      • Unmodern
      • Would rather use other forms.
    • Church
      • Is Jesus working in todays world
      • God speaks through the Church
      • Stops Christians being confused.
      • The pope gives perfect guidance on moral behaviour.
    • Conscience
      • The voice of God
      • Should follow if it tells them other forms are wrong.
      • Directly from God
    • Don't use consience
      • People heard God telling them bad things.
      • The bible is the christian thing to follow.
      • Church is what other christians think is right.
      • If it is followed rather than laws there would be chaos
    • Situation ethics
      • Jesus over-ruled the old testement when he said it was unloving.
      • You should only do what will produce good results
      • Love your neighbour
      • Christianity is a religion of love
    • Don't use situation ethics
      • Bible is Gods word
      • Follow Decalogue than follow own ideas.
      • Church knows better
      • Can never be sure of the consequences


Miss KHP


Nice, colourful mind map for GCSE RE.

Useful for many exam boards that cover Christianity.

Once finished, you can test yourself.


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