How can we protect participants?

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  • How can we protect participants?
    • Before research is carried out, we should make sure that all risk of harm is identified and minimised where possible.
    • Psychologists should seek professional help from colleagues or advisor's about the risks identified.
    • Researchers should inform participants where possible about any risks involved.
    • Participants should always be given the right to withdraw at any point in the study. Even if they are not fully informed about the study aim, at least they can choose to leave the study if they begin to feel distressed or embarrassed, etc..
    • Counselling or other professional services should be provided if the participants have been affected by the study. There should be a follow-up of all participants to ensure that they have not suffered any long-term damage.
    • When debriefing participants, they should be reassured that their participation will be confidential and that their participation in the study has been of great value.


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