How can we meet our future energy needs

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  • How can we meet our future energy needs?
    • Emission Controls
      • Kyoto Protocol adopted in 1997 aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Countries are required to achieve specific reductions in their greenhouse gas emissions. The USA refused to sign
    • Emissions Trading
      • EU Emissions Trading Scheme meant that heavy industrial plants have to buy permits to emit greenhouse gases over the limit they are allowed by govenment
      • Under the Kyoto Protocol carbon emissions are now tracked and traded like a commodity so that any excess reductions can be sold in the 'carbon market'
    • Green Taxes
      • Taxes on individuals for using air transport and pollution charges on companies.
      • Other ideas are aimed to reduce energy consumption
    • Offshore wind turbines
      • Building offshore costs at least 50% more than on land but wind speeds are generally double those on land
    • Carbon Storage
      • This involves capturing the CO2 released and burying it deep underground
      • It is not proved that the CO2 will actually stay underground and is expensive
    • Geothermal
      • In the Philippines 25% of the electricity is generated from underground heat
      • However, the heat is often too deep to be economical
    • Bio fuels - alage
      • There are 3 main types: crops, e.g. grasses, sugar, algae
      • Algae are hard to grow but produce oil that requires less refining before it becomes a bio fuel


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