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  • How a catering company deals with ingredients being unavailable for an event.
    • ask supplier what alternatives are available.
    • contact client to explain problem
    • ask client to make a decision about the alternatives
    • suggest alternatives to client e.g. baby carrots could be changed to baton carrots. roasted cherry vine tomatoes could be used - a good colour.
    • Mange tout could be changed to sugar snap peas or dwarf green beans.
    • try a different supplier
    • apologise to the client, offer a reduction
    • offer a frozen alternative
    • How to modify the menu for a Lactose Intolerant guest.
      • starter causes no problem
      • main course - chicken would have to be plain (sauce probably made with milk).  Another sauce e.g. tomato or gravy could be offered.
      • new potatoes and other vegetables would need to be served without adding butter
      • dessert - ice cream should not be served; cream should not be used to fill profiteroles. Chocolate sauce could not be served.
      • cheese could not be eaten unless it is lactose free cheese.
      • Soya milk could be used for coffee.
      • Lactose intolerance is a reaction to lactose (milk, sugar) found in milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt and processed foods containing milk products.


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