Emotionaly and socialy developing - Adolescence and Adulthood

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  • How we develop emotionally and socialy through our life stages
    • Adolescence
      • Experiencing first close and intimate relationships
      • Exploring and forming own identity (self-image)
      • Experiencing feelings of insecurity and anxiety
      • Enjoying more freedom
      • Developing an awareness of own sexuality
      • Experiencing extremes in emotions caused by hormonal changes
      • Socialising more and meeting new people
      • Start to become less dependent on family, go to friends for advice
      • They often feel misunderstood and may challenge parental values, by pushing against boundaries and take control of parents
      • As teenagers turn more to their peers they often struggle because they want to be liked.
      • Peer pressure can also present difficulty's as it can challenge many of the ideas learned from families.
        • This a period during which issues such as experimenting with alcohol, sexual orientation and attitudes towards education
    • Adulthood
      • Middle
        • May have difficulty coming to terms with ageing
        • Children could leave home could affect emotions
        • As they have more time they can meet new people and try out new hobbies
        • This is a period of change and for some these changes can cause a mid-life crisis.
        • Women will go through the menopause
        • There are fewer job options
        • For some they will feel like they have a sense of belonging and well-being
      • Late
        • Loss of partner/friends can result in anxiety
        • Friends/ partner might die
        • Become less mobile cant see friends
        • They may not have a busy social life with friends and family
        • Spend most time doing hobbies
        • May do voluntary work
        • Easier to become isolated and depressed
      • Early
        • Develop a close relationship
        • May have children and have a bond with them
        • May have a active life
        • May meet new people through work
        • New Responsibles
        • Spend a lot of free time socialising


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