Emotionaly and socialy developing - Infancy and Early Childhood

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  • How we develop emotionally and socially through our life stages
    • Early Childhood
      • Able to say how they feel
      • Understand if happy or sad
      • Develop a mental image of themsleves
      • Learn to cope with feelings
      • Develop a wider group of friends
      • Develop indepence
      • Share and take in turns
      • Develop special friendships
      • Form relationships with adults other than their parents
      • They begin to become more independent and start to develop sense of self
      • Take control of their emotional responses and revolve conflict
      • Show signs of compassion and empathy
      • People outside the family become more important
    • Infancy
      • 2 and a half - may show jealously towards other childern
      • 12 months - begins to bong with other people but still very dependent on parents
      • 18 months - plays alone but likes a sibling or adult sitting close by
      • 2 years - can become frustrated easily and often has a temper tantrum
      • 6 months - has developed a strong bond with parents
      • 2 years - may play alongside other children but not share toys or activites
      • 1 year - can express emotions through tears, laughter and facial expressions
      • 3 years - are now willing to take turns and share with toys and start to make friends
      • 3 years - are more sensitive towards others feelings
      • More able to express their feelings verbally
      • Start to prefer particular people and form friendships
      • Benefit from spending time with people all ages
      • Nursery is an opportunity for them to play with children with different age groups


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