How Typical is Kenilworth?

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  • Other castles built at the same time were...
    • How Typical is Kenilworth?
      • Typical features of Kenilworth
        • Core of castle is motte and bailey. Popular in Norman era
        • Several inner and outer curtain defensive walls are typical
        • Keep was last defensive position and centre of defence
        • Great hall for entertainment and as a status symbol
      • How is Kenilworth unique?
        • Only 5 km from Warwick castle- reflects unusual original purpose
        • Some of King John's changes were unique, like the large size of the Mere and fishtail arrow slits.
        • Leicester's tower shows  very interesting architechtual features hich were new to England at the time (lantern windows and thin walls)
    • Dover Castle
    • Framlingham Castle
    • Caerphilly castle
    • Knaresborough Castle
    • Conisbrough Castle
    • Leeds Castle in Kent
    • Lincoln Castle
    • Older parts of Windsor


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