Geography How to Predict Volcanoes

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  • How To Predict Volcanic Events
    • One change used by researchers to monitor when a volcanic eruption is about to occur is the formation of the land
      • When a volcanic eruption is about to occur, the land begins to swellupwards
        • This is due to magma underneath the ground beginning to swell up, due to movements in plate boundaries.
          • Tiltmeters are one example of this. They are placed on the surface near to a volcano to measure any angular changes.
            • This method was used at Mount Sakurajima, in Japan, 1990, alongside other methods.
          • Another example is that of a Global Positioning System (GPS).
            • They ues satilite technology to measure changes in distance between two points near a volcano.
    • Another method for monitoring earthquakes is detecting the seismic activity in the region of a volcano.
      • Seisometers are placed on the ground surrounding a volcano. They detect vibrations on the surface and the possible presence of volcanoes.
    • The tepmperatureof the spring water and concentration of gases also indicates the upcoming presence of a volcanic eruption.
      • The temperature of the hot water springs will increase prior to an eruption, due to the volume of water being heated up by the magma underneath.
      • The concentrationof certain gases, such as hydrogen chloride and sulphur dioxide, increases, as well as the chemical composition of the said gases.
        • Remote sensing and continuous gas monitoring stations can be used to measure such changes.


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