Citizenship A343 How the Law Protects the Interests of Employers and Employees

A mindmap to show how the law has different ways of protecting the interests of employers and employees.

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  • How the Law Protects Employees
    • Can get a job from 13. Working hours and type of work are limited.
      • Can only work 2 hours on a school day.
      • No work before 7am or after 7pm.
    • All workers have many legal rights.
      • Right to regular rest breaks.
      • Right to maternity or paternity leave.
      • Right to paid holiday leave.
      • Right to not be discriminated against.
      • Right to be paid at least minimum wage.
      • Right to have a safe workplace.
      • Right to be given a fair reason for dismissal and a period of notice.
  • How the Law Protects Employers
    • They have legal rights that enable them to take action against employees whose behaviour might damage the business.
    • They have the right to expect employees to:
      • Work skilfully.
      • Be honest and obedient.
      • Follow instructions.
      • Not disclose confidential information about the business.
      • Take care of an employers property.


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