How the Conservatives won the 1951 election

Making of a Modern Britain, 1951-2007

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  • How Labour lost/Conservatives won the 1951 election
    • Labour Party too divided
      • Left Vs right internal divisions over foreign policy/NHS
      • Britain’s entry into Korean War made Labour left wing unhappy
    • Attlee’s government worn down by financial burdens
      • E.g. $35b worth of debt after WW2
    • Ministers exhausted after 6 years in office
    • Tight majority after 1950 election made governing difficult
    • Austerity measures not popular
      • Labour gained a reputation of being  rationing and taxation mad
    • Victim of imbalanced voting system (first past the post)
      • Despite Labour winning more votes, they lost, because they had less seats
    • Began to recover from shock defeat of 1945
    • The 1950 election saw an influx of fresh and eager MPs
      • Gave a newfound confidence to the party
    • Electorate impressed by Conservative resistance to state control
    • Crusade against iron and steel party galvanised party
    • Conservative Party had reformed its finances and organisation
    • Liberal Party put up less seats: those extra seats went to Conservatives
    • 1951 election results
      • Conservatives: 13,717,538 votes, 321 seats, 48% of vote
        • WON ELECTION
      • Liberal: 730,556 votes, 6 seats, 2.5% of vote
      • Other parties: 198,969 votes, 3 seats, 0.7% of vote


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