how similar are science and religion

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  • how similar are science and religion?
    • radically different
      • MERTON
        • CUDOS:
          • communalism: equal access to intellectual property to promote collaboration
          • universalism: all contribute to science regardless or race, nationality, culture, gender
          • disinterestedness: scientists are objective - benefitting society rather than personal gain
          • organised scepticism: scientific claims must be exposed to critical scrutiny before being accepted
      • POPPER
        • falsification theory -deduction - must falsify theory over and over
      • DAWKINS
        • science is objective
        • scienctists are neutral
        • conclusions made based on evidence
        • scientific enquiry is open
    • very similar
      • LYNCH:
        • studied scientists studying lab rats
        • anomalies were explained using previous theories


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