How did Gorbachev's reforms impact the Soviet Union?

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  • How significant were Gorbachev's reforms
    • Impact of perestroika and glastnost
      • Abandoning of Brezhnev doctrine
      • GDR became more like FRG
      • Tried to increase propoganda
      • Could not isolate themselves
    • Pressure to reform
      • Had been an underlying issue- Prague Springs.
      • More diversity
      • 1988 activists deported to West Germany
      • Young did not want unified Germany.
      • Promotion of peace.
    • Role of Protestant opposition groups.
      • Difficult to define
      • Shelter for many.
      • 1987, state felt unable to control.
      • Worked with Environmental library
    • Declining authority of SED government.
      • May 1989, 98% of vote.
      • Increasing living standards best hope through political reform.
      • Rank more inclined for reforms.
      • October 1988 20% strong identification towards GDR.
      • Demands protected within church.


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