How Plants store Glucose

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  • How Plants Use Glucose
    • For Respiration
      • Manufacture glucose in their leaves
        • Some of this is then used in respiration
          • Releases energy which enables them to convert the rest of the remaining glucose in to other useful substances.
            • Can use this to build new cells and grow to produce some of these substances they also need to gather minerals from soil.
    • Making Cell Walls
      • Glucose is converted into cellulose for making strong cell walls, especially in a fast growing plant.
    • Making Proteins
      • Glucose is combined with nitrate ions which are absorbed from the soil to make amino acids, which are then made into proteins
    • Stored In Seeds
      • Glucose turned into lipids for storing seeds.
        • For example, Sunflower Seeds, contain a lot of oil.
    • Stored As Starch
      • Glucose is turned into starch and stored in the roots, stems and leaves ready for use when photosynthesis isn't active (winter)
        • Starch is insoluble which makes it much better to store in glucose which would draw in lots of water and swell up.


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