How Mussolini invaded Abyssinia

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  • How did Mussolini invade Abyssinia?
    • His chance came in 1934 when Italian soldiers clashed with Abyssinians at Wal Wal
      • 150 Abyssinians and two Italians were killed. The league tried to intervene but was difficult to stop
    • in January 1935 the French foreign minister, Laval met with Mussolini and made secret agreements
      • Laval promised to let Mussolini deal with Abyssinia however he saw fit
    • Mussolinis troops entered Abyssinia on 3rd October 1935
      • bombed villages and terrorised people into surrendering
    • In June 1935 Selassie (Abyssinian emperor) warned the league of the effects of its failure to deal with Mussolini would have
      • The league did nothing when in 1936 Italian troops took the abyssiniancapital
        • the league had once again failed to provent one of its members from violating the covenant


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