How liberal was society between 1960-80?

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  • How liberal was society between 1960-80?
    • Presidents leaned towards liberalism
      • Kennedy promoted new liberalism and new frontier to challenge inequality
      • Johnson defeated Strom Thurmond - strong conservative
      • Johnsons great society - enter the war of poverty
      • Johnson passed 1964 and 65 civil rights acts
      • Nixon proposed health care plan and expanded food stamps for poor
      • 1973 supreme court Roe vs Wade
      • Carter started to dismantle new deal
    • growth of conservatism in late 70s
      • counter culture movement was unpatriotic
      • economic downturn caused suspicion of gov
      • conservatives call for a 'new right'
      • growth in religious thinking 1967
        • Bill Bright's campus crusade for christ
        • the religious right
          • against secularisation and ablution rulings
        • united protestants and catholics
      • belief of moral decline
    • Growth of the counter culture movement 60s
      • Attracted to political idealism rather than economic policies
        • those in depression voted economic
        • Lost faith after Johnson and Kennedy failed to address social problems
      • People wanted to be free to be themselves
        • cult of individual freedom
        • groups such as the Beatniks and hippies emerged
          • more likely to rebel, join anti war movements
      • free speech movment 1964
        • 700 arrested
      • anti war march Washington 1965 - 40,000


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