How legal was Hitler's creation of a dictatorship?

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  • How legal was Hitler's creation of a dictatorship?
    • 27 Feb - Reichstag was burned down by a Dutch Communist - caught by the Nazis
      • Possible scapegoat - set up by the Nazis
      • Benefits for the Nazis
        • Nzis able to stir-up anti-communist propaganda
        • Nazis got credit for catching the arsonist
        • Gained fiancial support - industrialists contributes as the fear of communism rose
    • Hitler persuaded Hindenburg to call elections for 5 March
      • The support of the DNVP [52 seats] gave the Nazis a majority
      • Legal use of arresting political opponents.
      • Illegal violent campaign tactics = Nazis won 288 seats
      • Banned 81 communists taking their seats using his emergency powers
    • Hitler persuaded Hindenburg to declare a state of emergency
      • Hitler can control the police and govern without the Reichstag
      • Decree for the Protection of the People and the State - banned civil rights of Germans
      • Hitler could legally arrest political opponents + ban opposition newspapers
    • The Nazis used the law to get what they wanted, but also used a violent, illegal elimination of opponents to get what they wanted. Nazis legally acquired power and didn't need help keeping it.


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