influence of the religious right

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    • promotion of traditional values
      • Jerry Falwell Baptist Minister
        • Old Time Gospel hour tv and radio show
          • 225 tv stations and 300 radio stations
        • set up 'moral majority' organisation
          • set up in 1978
          • raised millions for Reagan's campaign
          • esitmated egistered 2 million voters
          • abandoned in 1989
      • Jim Bakker reverend
        • found Praise the Lord Ministry 1974
          • TV show and theme park
      • appointed conservative minded to US supreme court
        • including 400 judges
        • frightened liberals with several decisions chipping away at roe vs wade
        • end of Reagan presidency he had appointed 50% of federal judiciary
      • influenced Reagan alot
        • e.g. criticised federal courts for not  allowing creationism
        • however couldnt get the necessary 2/3 majority of congress
          • failed to endorse the Family Protection Act
    • campaigns against abortion and homosexuality
      • successful
        • Regan persuaded Congress to fund 'Charity Clinics'
          • encouraged women to avoid sex
        • Reagan's judicial appointments resulted in supreme court ruling hindering abortion
          • Webster vs Reproductive Service of Missouri 1989
            • Missouri could deny women access to public abortion facilities
        • abortion most successful of all campaigns
          • pressure on courts and legislations made abortion access harder
        • Beverly La Haye set up Concerned Women for America (CWA)
          • 500,000 strong membership more than NOW
        • Phyllis Schalafy
          • helped set up NRLC
            • National  Right to Life Campaign
              • 11 million supporters in 1980
          • led campaign against roe vs wade
      • not successful
        • following Justice Brennan's retirement from Supreme Court1990
        • 1981 - Reagan appointed Sandra Day O conner to supreme court
          • had a high record of sympathy towards women in need of abortions
        • following webster RR hoped other states would follow missouri
          • only 3 states did
          • webster did not overturn Roe vs Wade
    • Nancy Reagan just say no campaign
      • drug taking 'american disease'
        • recreational drug use had tripled since 1970
          • around 40 million Americans used illegal substances
      • discourage young people being inviolved with drugs
        • money raised spent on punishment rather than rehabilitation
      • 1982: national federation of parents for a drug free youth
        • national crusade for a drug free america anti drug abuse bill
      • cocaine used by high school students dropped
        • dropped by 1/3 from 6.2% in 1986 and 4.3% in 1987
          • main focus on children not on the rest of america
      • high school weed daily smokers dropped
        • 10% in 1978 and 8% in 1987


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