How Hitler became a total dictator in just 18 months

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  • How Hitler became a total dictator in just 18 months
    • 27 February 1933: Reichstag Fire
      • Reichstag was burnt down a week before voting a day and it was blamed on a young communist (he was framed)
        • Hitler said it was the communist plot to take over the country- linked with the fear of communism
    • 1 March 1933: Protection Law
      • Hitler persuaded Hindenburg to give him the power to deal with the "communist plot" to take over Germany. Hindenburg agreed
        • Banned communists from taking part in election campaigns, 4000 were thrown into prison and all their newspapers were shut down
          • This resulted in Nazis gaining even more votes, but still not the majority Hitler wanted
    • 23 March 1933: Enabling Law
      • Hitler had stirred up enough fear to make the Nationalist Party to join the Nazis giving him the majority he wanted
        • He then passed the enabling act which allowed him to make laws without consulting other politicians in parliament
      • He didn't have to worry about Hindenburg
    • 7 April 1933
      • Hitler began to use his new powers and put Nazis in charge of all local governments and police
      • The Gestapo (secret police) were formed
    • 2 May 1933: Banned all trade unions
      • Hitler threw all trade union leaders in prison and consequently removes the worker's way of complaining about pay and conditions
    • 14 July 1933: Banned all other political parties and it became illegal to set up or run another party (3 years in prison)
      • Germany was now a one party state
    • 2 August 1934: Hindenburg dies aged 87
      • Hitler took over his job whilst still remaining as Chancellor and made the army swear an oath on him
        • He chose the simple title Der Fuhrer - the leader


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