How far were issues relating to the Empire and minorities neglected by Alexander II? (Depth Study 1)

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  • How far were issues were relating to the Empire and minorities neglected by Alex II?
    • Impact of domestic reforms
      • Similar across all regions
      • Serfs were emancipated which decreased nobility's authority and gave more power to local govs. (zemstva)
    • Alex II and Poland
      • The Polish Rebellion of 1863
        • Caused by a complex interplay of land, the Polish leaders, and the Church
        • Alex II tried to compromise with the Polish gov. by allowing them to create their own land reforms
          • However, extremists opposed the proposals (especially conscription) so rebellion erupted
            • The peasants were split between supporting the insurgents and the Tsar
      • The Tsar ruthlessly suppressed the rebellion, and then introduced reforms which benefitted the peasants over the nobility
    • Alex II and other regions
      • Set up a commission in Ukraine in 1876 to prevent separatism activity
      • Liberal towards Baltic Germans (upper-classes in Estonia and Latvia) to prevent rising nationalism
      • Practical measures to improve the life of Jews (allowed some to live outside the Pale of Settlement)
      • Significant expansion into Central Asia
      • Listened and generally reacted well to the demands of national minorities


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